Low-Cost Business Telephone Deals

Calls up to 50% cheaper

Business Energy Switch has negotiated exclusive business telecom plans that give you calls up to 50% cheaper and line rental savings of 10%.

The deals we offer can be significantly lower than individual businesses can arrange directly with suppliers. That's why using our service can cut your telecom costs.

Excellent customer service

When you arrange your business telecom plan through us, you have access to providers who offer excellent customer service - calls are answered within seconds so you never waste valuable time.

  • One bill solution for all your phone services
  • One point of contact for all enquires

To make sure you don't miss out on a cheaper business telephone deal, call us now on 0800 107 95 98, or click here if you'd like us to call you.

Our carefully negotiated phone plan gives you:

  • Free comparison against your present costs – so you can see how much you can save
  • Free analysis of your call history
  • A package tailored to your business needs
  • Fixed price call package
  • You only pay for calls you make
  • Savings on line rental

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